Hello! I'm Gilbert Rosario.
I'm a front-end developer.

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About me

Always excited to learn, design and build new things.

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I enjoy hand coding things from scratch using clean, simple and maintainable code that is easy to read.

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I focus on crafting beautifully designed websites, and as with my code, I value simple and clean design patterns.

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My projects will work on any device, no matter the size of the screen.

Gilbert Rosario

Who am I?

I'm a Dominican Republic based front-end web developer, I'm always looking for an opportunity to code, design and learn new things. Before becoming a developer I used to study architecture where I learned a lot about planning, design and keeping things simple, something I tend to do at everything that I do in life. In my spare time I'm usually building things and searching for new skills to learn. I also speak Spanish, enjoy watching movies and traveling to exciting places.

• HTML • CSS • Sass • JavaScript • React • jQuery • Git | GitHub


My development projects.


I built this webpage using jQuery, I decided to use this library to get familiar with it.


Bryant Hill

This website has similarities to real estate websites, I used vanilla JavaScript to build this project.


Dashboard Box

This is a movie SPA built with React and using The Movie Database API. Check repo on GitHub to see all the features.



Created as part of my Advance CSS and Sass course by Jonas Schmedtmann, This webpage has a wide variety of CSS animations.



Resources I use for my development work.

MDN Reference

One of the best resources for documentation, tutorials and developer tools available.

Google Fonts

The best library with hundreds of free web fonts ready to be used.


A well known plataform to learn and share your passion with fellow coders.

Stack Overflow

A great community to ask and find questions related to web development.


Highly popular community for designers and an excellent design inspiration resource.


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Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
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